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    How it Works
    Opusatlas provides a suite of free tools to help make the lives of musicians and industry professionals easier.
    Create an Artist page or a Group page
    On Artist and Group pages fans can get all the details of your upcoming performances, browse your videos and audio files, and see your latest social media posts without having to navigate the frills of a personal website. Artist and Group pages are also useful in maintaining a complete archive of past performances.
    Artist pages are for musicians, composers, conductors, directors, and other industry professionals.
    Group pages are for orchestras, opera companies, ensembles, and other groups of more than one individual.
    OpusAtlas is highly collaborative. The more of your colleagues using OpusAtlas, the less work you have to do to keep the performances on your Artist or Group pages up to date.

    Whenever you or your group is added to a performance, you will receive an email asking for a quick confirmation. If you select "yes", the event will be added immediately to your Artist or Group pages. If you participated in a performance, but do not want it showing on your Artist or Group page, you can still select "yes", navigate to your Artist or Group page, and select "hide" next to the performance's title.

    Artist and Group pages can also be managed directly by multiple users. For example, an Artist page can be shared between the musician and his/her agent(s). A Group page can be maintained by every member of the group that is given access.
    Embed a widget in your website
    OpusAtlas Widgets help keep both your website and fans up to date. There are currently two customizeable widgets that utilize the performance content on your Artist and Group pages.
    The Website Calendar Widget is a calendar of your upcoming and/or past performances. First, customize its look and then put it directly on the calendar page of your website by following our instructions. Every performance you add to OpusAtlas will show up on your website and will shift from Upcoming to Past Performances automatically. Because OpusAtlas is highly collaborative, performances added by colleages will also automatically show up on your website (with your approval).
    The Subscribe Button allows your fans to add themselves to an automated newsletter. First, choose the color of the button and then follow our instructions to put it on your website. Every month (or a frequency chosen by each fan) your fans receive an email listing your upcoming performances. If you want to add a personal touch, you may also include custom messages that are displayed before the list of upcoming performances.

    The newsletter also functions if you do not want to use the widget on your personal website. Simply submit a list of email addresses that you would like to subscribe and these fans will start receiving your monthly Automated Performance Newsletter.